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cyber_pilgrim's Journal

Pat Dyson
21 June 1942
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I was born in Leicester, England, during the war. I felt an odd kinship with Paul McCartney, as he is only three days older than me. Our family emigrated to Toronto, Ont. in '57.

My adult son, the one good thing from my failed marriage, and I, still bounce around the dream of creating "How to" videos. We both love that technology is evolving in our favor; making it easier all the time to make it happen. We have some of the toys now, and my vision for a website is slowly coming to pass too. Our dreams depend on each others;
both being talented in different ways.

I was retired from "the rat race" several years ago, due to stress. It's been a blessing in disguise, giving me time to write and paint. I also enjoyed volunteering in some ministry work, during the twelve years we lived in St. Catharine's, Ont. The pace of the Niagara region was pleasing to me, but I came back to Toronto to spend quality time with my mom as she became frail.

Now I'm back, and have a good computer. It's time to archive my art, and publish my writing; oh, I love that technology enables us to be our own publishers. With triple-bipass under my belt, I'm more aware that we don't have time to waste anymore. I want to use this site to share some things that will enrich a visitors life in some way.